CBBC, Set Design Proposal, 2013


As a current undergraduate student, I am interested and deeply passionate on exploring the subjects of Architecture and surrounding fields in a professional matter. Due to this fact I am looking to apply for Post Graduate studies at Manchester Metropolitan University. I am interested and excited to be working around professional in the environment, which will allow me to progress my studies and become a professional in the selected field. My unique and developing approach to learning will allow me to stay focused and motivated through the course of study as well as bring out and further develop my personal and professional facilities.

My particular Interest lies in Architecture and Urbanism course at Manchester Metropolitan University, This is due to the type of learning I am interested, provided by you. I am also interested in deeper research and exploratory approach towards creative design techniques and ambient technologies used within the modern and Urbanised world. 

As my current course is Interior Design, my work is highly focused on 3D forms and model making, as the bases of creating spacial experiences. I have always strived to achieve a thorough research, using a number of different techniques.


It is very important to me, to be able to work as close to the real world practice as possible collecting individual experience, recently I have worked along the side of Production team and Set designers at Media City.

In order to become more knowledgeable in the field of Urban Architecture I have undertaken a dissertation subject to be a development techniques and success in Mega Cities based in Asia. This illustrates my research based inquiry as a primary resource of insight and innovative thinking for my project work.

During my work experience in year two of my studies I have worked along the side of professionals in city centre based Interior design Organisation, this has allowed me to see the real world practice for the first time. By communicating with my colleges I have realised the variety of different background and educations they have been through, as well as the effort that allowed them to be successful in the field. This was a great motivation point in my career that has pushed me towards the decision of undertaking a Post Graduate Study, as well as a number of work experience I undertook in different fields of Design. This motivation also helped me in my part time employment as a bar tender, where I have recently been promoted to a Team Leader. I have gained trust in the environment I am working in and undertook a number of responsibilities allowing me to achieve my personal targets in professional career.



This allows me to communicate much more with the public as well as deal with the problems and issues under pressure or in busy environments, but one of the main skills I have adapted is to be able to prioritise my tasks as well as the teams. By a great communication with the team I am working with, I am able to trust them in the tasks given as well as create a great working environment for them as well as the new employees.

I am also a volunteer in my spare time, due to the experience I have gained in college as an Art and Design student, I am now able to help in other ethnical communities by arranging art and craft activities. This helps children that are challenged by the area where they live to communicate and interact with each other in safe and creative environment, as well as explore the boundaries of their abilities.


Due to all of my experience I have previously undertaken I am willing to take one step further towards my professional career and the future of design and development. I believe this course will give me abilities to explore and understand the Urbanist area, which is so crucial at this moment of time. This will allow me to be a young professional and allow my skills I have gained in current subject to extend.